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Safety: It's Up To Me

Safety: It's Up To Me

The Construction Safety Council

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Safety. It's Up to Me. "Safety, It's Up to Me" was presented in live performance to the attendees of The Construction Safety Council's 14th Annual Construction Safety Conference, Leading the Way. It is the story of an oversight of a safe work practice, innocently committed, that had a deadly outcome. It shows the audience the far-reaching effects such accidents have on victims, their families, their co-workers, their supervisors, and on their employers. It explains how common attitudes of workers, supervisors, and senior managers sometimes inadvertently contribute to the accidents they try so hard to prevent. And, the ten-minute long program reminds the audience that safe work practices must be a topic of daily discussion among all workers and managers, if an accident-free environment is to be maintained. This message is appropriate for presentation to workers at safety meetings of all kinds. Workers at every experience level will be touched by the message. The program also provides an excellent reminder for supervisors and managers that the safety message must be reinforced on a day by day basis. They will carry the memory of why working safely every day is important long after the viewing is over.

Product Details:

Publication Year: 2004
Page length: 10 minutes and 40 seconds