Your Guide to the Revised NMA and NPGMA

Cover200 Click on image to read onlineWelcome to the main information page for the revised National Maintenance Agreements (NMA) and National Power Generation Maintenance Agreements (NPGMA). Regardless of whether you're a contractor, owner-client or member of the building trades, this is where you'll find everything you need to know about the revised Agreements.

The National Maintenance Agreements Policy Committee, Inc. (NMAPC) approved a set of revisions to the Agreements and supporting materials that went into effect on January 1, 2012. This marks the first time the Agreements have been revised since 1996. The NMAPC hopes that these revisions will not only provide our contractors and crafts with the necessary tools to remain competitive in the industrial construction, maintenance, repair, replacement, renovation, and modernization industry, but will also foster additional work opportunities by providing our current and future clients with a cost effective and value added source for labor-management cooperation, safety, productivity and quality.

There have been several significant changes made to the Agreements, so we strongly encourage all participants in the NMAPC Program to familiarize themselves with these changes by reading the following information and downloading the appropriate documents.

As part of the outreach and education process, in fall 2011 the NMAPC conducted a series of one-day regional industrial conferences across the country to educate stakeholders and answer any and all questions about the revised Agreements (review the 2011 schedule here). 


Contractors who are signatory to the current version of the Agreements and wish to remain signatory to the revised Agreements do not need to take any special action. Signatories to the current Agreements will automatically remain signatory to the revised Agreements beginning January 1, 2012.

All site-specific Addendums and Flexible Work Schedules previously approved by the NMAPC will remain in effect at the locations where they were approved or until acted upon further by the NMAPC.

IMPORTANT: If you do NOT wish to remain signatory to the revised Agreements, you must provide ninety (90) days' written notice of termination to those International Unions with which you have Agreements. These notices may be provided through the NMAPC website. Log in here to access your organization's online profile and view the Unions with which you have agreements. To terminate, click here (if you are not already logged in, you will be asked to provide your username and password).


Cover75Revised NMA Master Agreement Effective January 1, 2012 (PDF)

Revised NMA Grievance ProceduresRevised Grievance Procedures Effective January 1, 2012  (PDF)




Revised NMA Book of DecisionsRevised Book of Decisions Effective January 1, 2012  (PDF)




Lockout/Work Stoppage Procedures (PDF)

Lockout/Work Stoppage Form Fact Sheet (Editable PDF)



NMA Union Specific BlankRevised Union-specific NMAs Effective January 1, 2012

Each International Union that participates in the NMAPC Program has its own NMA, and three also have NPGMAs. These Agreements can be downloaded below.  



National Maintenance Agreements (PDFs)

Boilermakers                                      Operating Engineers

Bricklayers                                         Operative Plasterers and Cement Masons

Carpenters                                          Painters and Allied Trades

IBEW                                                 Roofers

Insulators                                           Sheet Metal Workers

Iron Workers                                      Teamsters

Laborers                                            United Association


National Power Generation Maintenance Agreements (PDFs)

Boilermakers NPGMA

Carpenters NPGMA

United Association NPGMA


We want to make the transition to the revised NMA and NPGMA as seamless as possible and minimize confusion. If contractors have questions after reading the revised Agreements and the introductory materials on this website, they should call us at (703) 841-9707 and contact one of our industrial relations specialists, Dan Hogan (extension 119) or Mike Dorsey (extension 122).  For questions related to the NMAPC website, contact Ben Cahoon at extension 118.

September 22, 2011