The NMA: The First Forty Years

CLICK IMAGE TO READ ONLINEAs part of the fortieth anniversary of the National Maintenance Agreements, the NMAPC is pleased to present the first-ever history of the Agreements from their creation in the early 1970s to the present day.

Regardless of whether you've been an NMA signatory for years or are brand-new to the industrial maintenance world, "The National Maintenance Agreements: the First Forty Years" explains how and why the Agreements were developed and chronicles the impact they have had on the construction industry over the past four decades.

Download your PDF copy here.

You can also read the history online - click here to launch the digital viewer.

A limited number of printed copies of "The First Forty Years" are available. For more information, contact David Acord at or (703) 841-9707 x124.

And if you'd like to learn more, don't forget to download our new informational pamphlet on the NMAPC, which administers the Agreements.

September 19, 2011