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MUST-WATCH VIDEO: A Dream of Safety

Don't MIss This Incredible Story of How the Zero Injury Concept Was Born!

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NMA I.Q: A Powerful Online Learning Tool

NMA I.Q. offers comprehensive training and information on the industry's flagship project labor agreement

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Read and download the NMA, the Book of Decisions and other supporting documents -- absolutely free!

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Fourth Notice: Administrative Fee Invoices for 2017

Fourth notice invoices have been mailed to all NMAPC signatory contractors who have not yet paid their 2017 administrative fees. Please click on the headline above for payment instructions.

Report Your First Quarter Work Hours

It's time to report your NMA work hours for January-March of 2017.

NMAPC Approves New Midstream Shale Addendum

The addendum applies to midstream work in Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

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